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There are a lot of arguments going on these days about right and wrong—from people to practices, processes to products, and most definitely from personal to political. But wherever and on whatever mountain each stands, there are some things that even the most critical among us surely must see. That filling the oceans and beaches with plastics is far from good. That if water is polluted, it’s a risk to humans and animals alike. That if we kill all the fish, there won’t be any more to eat (much less the hole it would cause in the ecosystem, in recreation, etc.). In the most basic and selfish terms, the quality of all our lives will deteriorate if we don’t take care of each other, the fish and wild animals, and the planet.

The SpawnOn™ mission is, in reality, much broader than trying to promote catch and release fishing—not that that isn’t important (it’s also one of our top calls to action). It’s about recognizing the real life looming issues that are out there (with facts and stats to back them up), that could seriously endanger individual ways of life on a small scale and the entire planet on a bigger scale.

Can we fix it all? Probably not. Can we start making small habit changes (and encourage others to do so) that can strongly affect the world around us? Absolutely. That’s why we’re starting with a subject near and dear to our hearts: the sustainability of all species of fish. And on this site, you’ll find some small, attainable calls to action that you can easily put into place. Small things that can cause big results.

We’re glad you’re here, and we hope you’ll help us in this mission.